Tassa Airlines Flight Attendants Association made a donation to Tohum Autism Foundation on behalf of its members for the new year. Strong support was provided for the education of children with autism, thanks to the donations made on behalf of each of its members.

Stating that as Tassa Board of Directors, they also visited Tohum Autism School this week, Chairman of the Board of Directors Sabit Coşkun stated that this visit created great awareness.

Stating that many positive projects for the future will continue throughout 2018, Coşkun stated that Tassa members should be ready for a year that they will spend with professional privileges, social sports and artistic awareness. Coskun also:

“We are continuing our strategic change management studies, which we have been carrying out for about a year, at great speed. All our members, get ready for our 2018 surprises. On this occasion, we wish all our members and our community a happy new year.”